380kWh Off-Grid Solar ESS

In 2009, we cooperated with the World Bank, provided 26MW solar energy storage systems to remote areas in China. The solar cells and systems were provided by the German company “Solar World”, while the energy storage batteries were provided by our company.

Application: PV power station

Area: Tibet., Yunnan, Qinghai, Gansu;


          35 stations in Tibet, 35 stations in Yunnan;
          44 stations in Qinghai, 6 stations in Gansu;
Battery Model: 1.2V 400AH~900AH   Ni-Fe battery;
Battery quantity: 24364pcs;
Total Power: 11mWh~26mWh;


Wind Energy in Tibet.    
Illumination Project of Qinghai;
Huineng in Gansun        
Illumination Project of Yunnan.

Time: January, 2010   Location: Yushu of China

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