Project development

Wingosolar has built up lots of project development channels in the world. Our team has successfully developed a large number of photovoltaic power plants of more than 10 megawatts under strict supervision.

Our advantages:

Successful cases;

• Support from German engineering and teams;

• Intimate cooperation with project developers worldwide;

• Optimal layouts of grounds, systems, and modules;

• Analysis of 3D models and sunlight/shadow simulation;

• Cost control and security ensurance under fair cooperation agreement;

• IEC, DIN, and VDE standards are adopted from the beginning of the planning stage;

• Flexible development pattern, including zero start development, joined development, and quick purchase.

Project engineering

Innovation in engineering is fundamental to our business-our teams of eletrical,mechanical and civil engineers are aome of the very experoenced in the solar project. From location analysis, approval process to technological planning, our development and planning process can ensure projects set off on schedule, and our professional knowledge and rich experience can ensure the success of the project.

Our advantages:

• Support from German engineering and teams;

• Analysis of 3D models and sunlight/shadow simulation;

• IEC, DIN, and VDE standards are adopted from the beginning of the planning stage;

Project financing

As the parent company of Wingosolar , Changhong Group is China's largest consumer electronics company, with an annual turnover of US$1.6 billion. It has seven listed companies, and IBM and Microsoft are our shareholders. We are cooperating with the World Bank, IMF and governments all over the world for many years. We provide the service of project development, financing, construction, operation and maintenance in the photovoltaic field throughout the world.

Our team:

Experienced international consulting team can provide financial, customs, tax, legal, finance and policy support;

We can provide perfect project development plan according to the model of rigorous financial data analysis.

 Rich experience in asset management for solar energy development and operation.

About service:

Project acquisition


Debt and equity allocation

Tax/equity allocation

Assets reallocation

Buyer / investor negotiation

Project construction

The PV power station we designed can help our customers to realize maximization in energy output and project value.

Our professional engineers have provided service for photovoltaic power plants of 30 megawatts. Depending on rich experience and knowledge, we provided excellent design and deployment to photovoltaic power plants, to ensure the greatest economic benefits of customers. Moreover, our engineers from Germany and other European countries, as well as the PV module products of high efficiency and high quality, can improve the reliability and durability of the project, and the overall cost performance of the project.

To ensure the construction efficiency of photovoltaic power station, and optimize the cost of generation.

Our advantages:

Experienced engineering/project team from Germany;

Advanced technique, experienced design;

Reasonable project schedule;

Good performance/cost ratio;

Outstanding performance, reliability and safety;

 Higher power output of PV power station;

Operation and maintenance

 Project operation management;

24 hours project monitoring;

Project preventive maintenance;

Project maintenance management;

Power station maintenance agreement;

Visual safety inspection;

 System performance test;

Emergency response;

Financial and generation profit report of power station;

On-line services

 Alarm system for project maintenance;

Fault repair;

 Power station profit evaluation and actual profit maximization

 Power station operation diagnosis

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