In 2012, Wingo provided our customer a successful solution, which is the first case of megawatt grade energy storage project using Ni-Fe batteries all over the world. The ESS capacity is 5MWh.

Fisher Range is a great fruit processing company in the United States. For fruits' daily cleaning, drying, sorting and refrigerating, huge power consumption is needed. To save energy, this company has been using a 650kW solar power generation system since 2011. However, due to time efficiency and solar power instability, the efficiency of solar power using was relatively low. In 2012, according to our technical team designs, customers chose our single Ni-Fe batteries with the capacity of 1000Ah as energy storage system batteries. Due to the stable output of solar power, the usage time and efficiency have been greatly improved since this battery energy storage system has been put into use.

Time: October, 2012  Location: Palm Spring, U.S.A

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