Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery (Pocket Type)

According to different different discharge requirements, pocket type Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries are classified into three types,KPH type(High discharge rate cells),KPM(Medium discharge rate cells) and KPL type(Low discharge rate cell)


Wingo pocket type Ni-Cd battery are widely used as emergency back-up power supply for railway traffic , aviation, DC cabinet, distribution cabinet, UPS systems, AGV, photovoltaic system, petrochemical, oil&gas, utility and electricity industries (Emergency lighting & control equipment, offshore platform, cathodic protection for pipeline).


● Exceptionally long service life : more than 20 years under floating charge;
● Excellent charging efficiency and smooth discharge voltage;
● Wide operating temperature range from -40℃~60℃;
● High reliability without sudden death;
● Lower weight and reduced volume;
● Excellent resistance performance of over-charge and over-discharge;
● Resistance to mechanical and electrical abuse;

● Lower maintenance cost and replacement cost.

KPH type(High discharge rate cells)

KPM(Medium discharge rate cells)

KPL type(Low discharge rate cell)

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